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Train with the Champions of today at the C2 Judo Festival !
Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th December

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After  the huge success of our first U13 sessions. We are excited to announce that we will once again be running 4 quality sessions over 2 days, dedicated to children 13 years and under. 

Do you want to be a future Champion?
Come and learn from the best at  The C2 Judo Festival.

Before and after the 13 years & Under training you will have the opportunity to watch some of the best Judoka in the world on the Elite sessions. Be inspired by the
Champions of today and celebrate the sport of Judo!  Be part of one of the largest Judo training camps in the UK and train with Judoka from around the world.


Minimum age for participation is 6 and recommended Grade is 3rd mon.

2 sessions each day,

1st session Saturday 18th - 12pm - 1.30pm

2nd Session 2pm - 3.30


1st Session Sunday 19th - 10:30 - 12:00

2nd Session 12:30 - 2:00
• Mixture of technique and randori.
• International Coaches.
• Watch the best Judoka in the world train.
• Q & A with Special guest Judoka.
The cost is just £40.00 for one day or £65.00 for both days.
This is a Non Refundable fee.


Please click on the Form image to your right to download 

KIDS CAMP Application Form.

Please ensure all sections are completed where relevant, the Form is signed and any Fees Paid.

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To download an online brochure featuring information about the Kids Camp, please click on the image to the right.

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